Monday, 10 March 2008

More Time

Linton Kwesi Johnson accurately captures my sentiments with regards to my recent justifiable hiatus...

(hint: if you are a patois virgin, try miming or reading out loud - it really works!)

wi mawchin out di ole towards di new centri
arm wid di new technalagy
wi gettin more an more producktivity
some seh tings lookin-up fi prasperity
but if evrywan goin get a share dis time
ole mentality mus get lef behine

wi want di shawtah workin day
gi wi di shawtah workin week
langah holiday
wi need decent pay

more time fi leasha
more time fi pleasha
more time fi edificaeshun
more time fi reckreashun
more time fi contemplate
more time fi ruminate
more time
wi need
gi wi more time

a full time dem abalish unemployment
an revahlushanise laybah deployment
a full time dem banish ovahtime
mek evrybady get a wok dis time
wi need a highah quality a livity
wi need it now an fi evrybady
wi need di shawtah workin year
gi wi di shawtah workin life
more time fi di huzban
more time fi di wife
more time fi di children
more time fi wi fren dem
more time fi meditate
more time fi create
more time fi livin
more time fi life
more time
wi need more time
gi wi more time

Update: Even better to hear it from the man himself


mshairi said...

It is 2 for 2 thus far, i e. Magdalene Odundo's pots and Linton's poetry:) Linton is an amazing talent.

Sci-culturist said...

lol! went to see him live recently. beats reading out loud any time!